Welcome to the UCI Division of Career Pathways

  • Our Vision

    Empowering all anteaters to thrive in meaningful careers.

  • Our Mission

    The Division of Career Pathways educates and engages UCI students and alumni to realize their career potential. We do this by:

    • Coordinating with the campus community in the professional development of students.
    • Providing students and alumni with tools and support to attain their career goals.
    • Facilitating employer involvement with UCI to promote quality workplace experiences for UCI students and alumni.  

  • Our Values

    • Collaboration: We establish and enhance meaningful partnerships with employers, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and students to advance the delivery of career services.
    • Excellence: Our actions and strategies pursue the highest standards of professionalism to achieve optimal outcomes for our constituents.
    • Innovation: We creatively develop and inspire new solutions to continuously meet changing constituent needs and expectations.
    • Integrity: We foster an environment of honesty, trust, respect, and appreciating and valuing others.
    • Student-Centered: We are committed to empowering and educating our diverse student community to develop their career readiness skills.

  • Our Strategic Themes

    Our overall goal is to expand and improve career services provided to students, alumni, and employers through the better coordination of existing campus services and the strategic addition of new services, technology, and processes. We will achieve this goal through six strategic themes over the next few years.

    •  Integrated Career Engagement: We seek to increase student success by working with campus partners to integrate career development throughout the student experience. Our goal is to ensure all students experience high impact career practices that create career ready graduates.
    • Authentic Workplace Experience: We believe every student should have the opportunity to experience at least one job or internship before graduation. In addition, they should be able to translate their experiences into skills and abilities for future opportunities.
    • Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging for All Anteaters: We strive to provide equitable access to our comprehensive portfolio of services and programs to equip Anteaters with confidence and career readiness skills that will position them for the next steps in their unique career pathways.
    • Leveraging Technology: To help best serve our constituents with higher quality career services, our goal is to identify, acquire, and implement the latest effective technologies.
    • Transforming Employer Engagement: Our goal is to develop, strengthen, and sustain strategic relationships with internal and external university partners leading to the expansion of employer involvement within the university and the expansion of the quantity and quality of jobs, internships, and experiences we present to all UCI students and alumni.
    • First in Class Space: We seek to equip and furnish our current and future facility in ways that promote active student and employer engagement.

Thanks for visiting us today!

Suzanne HelbigOur division serves as the hub for career development and preparation for our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and professionals, as well as a recruitment center for local, regional, and national organizations.

The DCP, and our close cooperation with the Division of Continuing Education, strengthens the University’s land grant mission to deliver continuing and lifelong education. And this illustrates our significant commitment and investment in supporting your career aspirations.

As the Associate Vice Provost of the division, I’m focused on enabling you to gain the knowledge and expertise that you need to identify and enter meaningful careers. You, and the generations that have graduated before you, help our business communities thrive through your dedication, creativity, and innovation.

The DCP staff will help you stay connected to the Anteater family for years to come as you explore the next stages of your life.


Suzanne Helbig
Associate Vice Provost, Division of Career Pathways