ChatGPT and other generative AI can streamline aspects of the job and internship search. Like other tools, they work best if you know how to use them effectively and ethically.

  • In interviews, you need to speak to the content in your application materials, and your in-person voice should align with the voice in your materials. Personalize and edit ChatGPT/AI responses for inclusion of your own content and writing style.
  • Use specific queries and engage in dialogue by asking follow-up questions. Use the “Regenerate Response” button to see other options.
  • Ask for specific responses based on your materials and for responses that use different tones, such as formal, engaging, or casual.
  • Exercise caution when sharing personally identifiable information with chatbots/AI. For example, if you insert your resume into the chat for feedback, do so without including your name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • AI does not provide the expertise and holistic, individualized approach that career counseling does. We encourage you to use our drop-ins, appointments, and programs to get well-rounded recommendations and support.

Sample Prompts to Use

How-To Video

DCP: ChatGPT, AI, and the Job Search Panel

This webinar features career services professionals and employers sharing perspectives on how AI and ChatGPT are impacting the job search process. AI is here and the Division of Career Pathways (DCP) is prepared to help students use it ethically and effectively.