Choosing a major can be a complex process requiring students to have an understanding of their interests, skills, abilities and their personal values, as well as an awareness of careers and industries. Some students select their major based on its relevance to a career while others select their major based on a personal interest in a subject matter. Both strategies can lead to very successful careers, because many occupations don’t have a specific major requirement. A degree, plus experience and skills, is what will help a student prepare for a career or for graduate school.

Browsing these resources and meeting with a career counselor can help you with your decision.

What Can I Do With This Major is a resource that will help you explore the career possibilities related to different majors.

Use this website to...

  • Explore the different career paths connected to your major
  • Learn more about employers who may be looking for your major
  • Connect to additional resources specifically for job-seekers in a particular field

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