Uni Studies 193 - Internship Course for Academic Credit (2-4 units)

  • University Studies 193 (Uni Studies 193) is an internship course which allows students from all majors to receive credit for an approved internship on or off-campus.  
  • Students wishing to enroll in Uni Studies 193 must submit their internship for approval through Handshake Experiences via your UCI Handshake account. 
  • If you are approved for the course, you will receive an authorization code via email to enroll.  
  • Please make sure to start the process of enrollment no later than week ten the quarter before your internship is set to start (We cannot guarantee enrollment in this course if you start the process to enroll after week 10) 
  • Once approved, the duration of the course will be managed via UCI Canvas including assignment submissions as well as supplemental resources. 
  • This course is offered during the following quarters: Fall, Winter, Spring, and 10-week Summer Session. 
  • All approved internships must follow all applicable internship policies and guidelines. For more details, please see Internship Policies.

Students Who Have Received An Internship Offer

  1. To be eligible to enroll in Uni Studies 193, you must have accepted an internship offer for an internship that is approved in Handshake and will take place during the quarter you are enrolled in the course.  
  2. To complete registration, please submit your information into Handshake Experiences and select the appropriate term your internship will be active. 
  3. For instructions on how to submit your Internship into Handshake Experiences, please refer to the section at the bottom of this website titled, “How to Submit an Experience on Handshake” for more information.
  4. If your internship was not posted in Handshake, please have your internship supervisor complete the following steps:  

Students Who Are Seeking An Internship

  1. Only students who have received and accepted an internship offer are eligible to enroll in Uni Studies 193.  
  2. Students seeking an internship should visit Handshake to find opportunities that may be qualified for this course. 
  3. For more information about internship criteria that can be qualified for enrollment in Uni Studies 193, visit Explore Internship Options.

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions?

For additional assistance, please email dcp-internships@uci.edu.