Club Affiliates are student organizations that partner with the Division of Career Pathways to promote professional development among their membership. If you are a student or employer looking to get more involved on campus, these groups are a great place to start. Click on an organization name for a brief description and view contact information to connect.

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The 2022-2023 Club Affiliate Program application is now open. Clubs are evaluated and accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. If your organization is interested in being a part of the 2022-2023 Club Affiliates Program, please apply.

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  • Visibility on the UCI DCP website
  • Insider access about upcoming DCP workshops and events
  • Hand-picked career opportunities sent directly to your club based on your unique interests
  • Priority consideration for professional development workshop requests
  • Insider access to connecting with employers you want to meet with

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2022-2023 Club Affiliates


  • AHUA Logo 1, UCI Division of Career PathwaysArt History Undergraduate Association (AHUA)

    The mission of the Art History Undergraduate Association is to encourage undergraduates in shared interest and passion for art by connecting them to a network of faculty, alumni and students. We seek to create art-filled environments that are both engaging and relevant. A main objective for our club is to organize events throughout the academic year that will grant opportunities for students to interact with art on a more intimate level, through museum trips, games, and our annual art show. Our doors are open to anyone with even a passing interest in art, and we hope to inspire a lifelong love of art in all those we encounter by making it more accessible to the UCI community in fun, interactive ways. We hope you'll join us in exploring and embracing the world of art. In the words of Theodore Dreiser, "art is the stored honey of the human soul."



    Instagram: @uciahua

    Primary industry focus: Museums and galleries

  • BMES Logo, UCI Division of Career PathwaysBMES (Biomedical Engineering Society at UCI)

    Our mission as the Biomedical Engineering Society at UC Irvine (BMES) is to foster an inclusive community for students interested in biomedical engineering through mentorship, career building, project experience, and outreach events for professional development and education.



    Instagram: @bmes_uci

    Primary industry focus: Engineering, R&D, manufacturing, clinical research, pre-med

  • DataatuciLOGO2, UCI Division of Career PathwaysData @ UCI

    Data @ UCI aims to nurture a community of Anteaters exploring their place in an increasingly data-driven world. Through workshops, professional panels, and speaker events, we provide resources and a network for students to grow their analytical skills and gain a deeper appreciation for data — helping them to succeed in college and in their careers. We are a student-run organization ultimately dedicated to the UCI and larger Orange County communities.



    Instagram: @dataatuci

    Primary industry focus: Data science, data engineering, data analytics, business analytics

  • UCIESW Logosq, UCI Division of Career PathwaysEngineers for a Sustainable World at UCI (ESW)

    Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is a non-profit organization that is committed to building a greener world and welcomes students of all majors (engineering and non engineering) that believe in need to improve our environment. ESW focuses on designing sustainable engineering projects, professional development and educating members on sustainability. Our events include alumni panels, networking opportunities, tours to facilities, and our projects range from building solar charging stations, cultivating algae for bio-fuel, to designing piezoelectric objects. This organization would be a great way to get more students involved with hands-on projects and spread awareness about sustainability.



    Instagram: @eswatuci

    Primary industry focus: Engineering, sustainable technology

  • FUSION 300x300, UCI Division of Career PathwaysFUSION (Filipinos Unifying Scientists & Engineers In an Organized Network)

    Established in Spring of 2001, FUSION (Filipinos Unifying Scientists & Engineers In an Organized Network) was designed to enhance and support the life of students in technical majors or with technical interests. Initially, FUSION was created in response to the lack of Filipinx representation in the technical world, but it has gone on to provide a strong network of support no matter the ethnicity. Today, FUSION provides several programs to help students grow academically, socially, and professionally. Along with that, FUSION also offers members opportunities to expand their engineering project experience and learn more about Filipinx culture.



    Instagram: @fusionatuci

    Primary industry focus: Tech, engineering, medical, manufacturing

  • Hack At Uci Logo Black Hack At UCI Team 150x150, UCI Division of Career PathwaysHack at UCI

    Hack at UCI is a club that promotes hacker culture by encouraging people to push boundaries, be creative, go against the grain, and be passionate about one's craft. While planning for workshops that promote this culture, we also plan an annual hackathon (a 36-hour overnight technical invention festival) that celebrates the spirit of innovation at UCI.



    Instagram: @hackatuci

    Primary industry focus: Tech

  • IEEE Logo, UCI Division of Career PathwaysIEEE@UCI (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

    IEEE@UCI is a non-profit student organization that strives to develop our student members' engineering skills through technical hands-on workshops, year-round technical programs that provide members with the opportunity to practice valuable skills and theories learned in the classroom, and an equipped lab space where students can work on homework and projects, and meet other engineering students. As an organization at a university with large engineering and computer science departments, we recognize the importance of equipping students with more than just academic knowledge.



    Instagram: @ieee_uci

    Primary industry focus: Tech, engineering, electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, biomedical, public, and private sectors

  • Latino Business Student Association logoLatino Business Student Association

    The Latino Business Student Association is a student run organization established in 2003. The purpose of LBSA is to assist its members, from various ethnic backgrounds & fields of studies at UCI, in the pursuit of professional skills & careers while raising awareness of the Latino culture. The organization accomplishes this by focusing on its three pillars, Professional Development, Social Interaction, and Community Service, with the foundation of Academic Achievement.



    Instagram: @lbsauci

    Primary industry focus: Management, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, real estate, accounting, HR, hospitality, sales, sustainability

  • Pre-Law Society at UCIPre-Law Society at UCI

    The Pre-Law Society at UCI is dedicated to assisting UC Irvine undergraduates who are looking to pursue a career in law or legal studies. Our organization strives to provide UC Irvine undergraduates with tools needed to be successful in law school—such as opportunities to see lawyers on the job, create connections, develop leadership skills and more hands-on experiences in the field of law. Pre-Law Society hosts diverse programs (e.g., LSAT informational seminars, law school admissions panels, as well as speaker panels) to help UCI undergraduates reach an informed decision about their career.



    Instagram: @prelawsocietyuci

    Primary industry focus: Law

  • Psychology Student Association logoPsychology Student Association (PSA)

    Psychology Student Association is an academic and social club intended for those who are interested in the Psychology field. Our mission is to offer valuable information to members to enrich each one with the knowledge and confidence to pursue graduate education, and eventually a career in Psychology. Whether it be campus resources, internships, volunteer and research opportunities, preparedness for graduate school, a space to meet fellow like-minded anteaters, pursue a passion, or information about careers in Psychology and related fields, PSA strives to keep its members well informed and connected to networks of other students, faculty, and employers. We provide our members with leadership and community service opportunities and encourage them to become active members of the UCI community.



    Instagram: @psaatuci

    Industry focus: Psychology, psychological science

  • SHPEChaptLogo Verti LightFullColor SHPE At UCI 1, UCI Division of Career PathwaysSociety of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

    Bio coming soon



    Instagram: @shpe_uci

    Primary industry focus: Tech, engineering, aerospace, defense, medical, manufacturing, STEM

  • SWE logoSociety of Women Engineers at UCI (SWE)

    Society of Women Engineers at UCI (SWE) is a not-for-profit educational and service organization that serves as the driving force to establish engineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women. Our club empowers women to succeed and advance in those aspirations, as well as to be recognized for their life-changing contributions and achievements as engineers and leaders. The goal of SWE is to inform young women and the general public of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers and to encourage women engineers to attain higher levels of education and professional achievement. SWE maintains a positive environment for our members with diversity including race/ethnicity, religion, family status, age, physical abilities, sexual and affectional orientation, actual or perceived gender, gender identity and expression, socio-economic status, occupational focus and more.



    Instagram: @swe.uci

    Primary industry focus: Automotive, aerospace, medical devices, technology, transportation, civil, construction, environmental, chemical, material science, hardware, and software.

  • Women in Information & Computer Sciences logoWomen in Information & Computer Sciences (WICS)

    Women in Information & Computer Sciences (WICS) is a social and professional non-profit organization at UCI established to help and encourage women to pursue a college degree and a successful career in the computer science field. We provide support for one another and offer various activities such as professional workshops, technical workshops, mock technical interviews, company events, networking events and opportunities, community outreach programs, conference sponsorship, social gatherings, and mentorship.



    Instagram: @wicsuci

    Primary industry focus: Tech, computer science

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