Club Affiliates are UC Irvine student organizations that partner with the Division of Career Pathways (DCP) to promote professional development opportunities among their membership. If you are a student or employer looking to get more involved on campus, these groups are a great place to start. Click on an organization name for a brief description and view contact information to connect.

Is your UCI student organization interested in joining our Club Affiliates program?

The DCP Club Affiliate Program application is now open. Clubs are evaluated and accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. If your organization is interested in being a part of the Club Affiliates Program, please apply.

Exclusive benefits:

  • Visibility: Exposure on DCP's website and social media (Instagram: @ucicareer). Clubs are tagged in social media posts for easy re-sharing of professional development opportunities for your members.
  • Tailored Career Opportunities: Personalized email newsletters about upcoming DCP workshops and events with hand-picked job/ internship opportunities based on your club's unique interests
  • Professional Development: Priority consideration for professional development workshop request by a DCP Staff Member.
  • Room Reservations: Based on availability, access to DCP rooms for professional events, interviews, and meetings.
  • Dedicated Support and Networking Opportunities: Dedicated DCP staff member point of contact, assistance in connecting with speakers and employers, and volunteer opportunities at UCI Career Fairs.

For any questions about our Club Affiliates Program, contact Kimberly Chai at or

2024-2025 Club Affiliates

  • AHUA Logo 1, UCI Division of Career PathwaysArt History Undergraduate Association (AHUA)

    The mission of the Art History Undergraduate Association is to encourage undergraduates in shared interest and passion for art by connecting them to a network of faculty, alumni and students. We seek to create art-filled environments that are both engaging and relevant. A main objective for our club is to organize events throughout the academic year that will grant opportunities for students to interact with art on a more intimate level, through museum trips, games, and our annual art show. Our doors are open to anyone with even a passing interest in art, and we hope to inspire a lifelong love of art in all those we encounter by making it more accessible to the UCI community in fun, interactive ways. We hope you'll join us in exploring and embracing the world of art. In the words of Theodore Dreiser, "art is the stored honey of the human soul."



    Instagram: @uciahua

    Primary industry focus: Museums, galleries, and creative-related industries and roles

  • UCI AIAA LOGO 1, UCI Division of Career PathwaysAmerican Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics @UCI (AIAA@UCI)

    AIAA@UCI is a nonprofit organization that strives to cultivate an inclusive and supportive community, placing a strong emphasis on mentorship, learning, and interconnectivity, while preparing our members for a promising future in aerospace. Our goal at AIAA is to bridge the gap between UCI engineering students and the professional aerospace industry, regardless of major, socioeconomic status, or other factors, through technical workshops, networking opportunities, speakers, and year-round programs. By providing students access to a national network of industry and academic professionals, hiring managers, and UCI design projects, we help create valuable connections for internships, research projects, and future career paths.


    Website: Visit us on social media

    Instagram: @aiaa_uci

    Primary industry focus: Aerospace companies

  • BPSA Logo, UCI Division of Career PathwaysBlack Psychology Student Association

    The Black Psychology Student Association of UC Irvine seeks to provide a support network which focuses on preparing Black students at the University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine) to become successful and influential members of the psychological community. We aim to create an inclusive and non judgmental community for all students of any race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, color, disability, national origin, age, or marital status to learn and participate in Black Psychology.


    Website: Visit us on social media

    Instagram: @bpsauci

    Primary industry focus: Organizations such as Cedars Sinai, Mantra Health, Talkiatry, Minfdul Care, Cogstate, LifeStance Health, Mental Health America, etc.

    Job roles of interest: Psychiatrist, family therapist, clinical psychologist, organizational psychologist, researcher, school counselor, school therapist, psychologist, neuropsychologist, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP), mental health advocate, industrial-organizational psychologist, behavioral technician.

  • BMES Logo, UCI Division of Career PathwaysBMES (Biomedical Engineering Society at UCI)

    Our mission as the Biomedical Engineering Society at UC Irvine (BMES) is to foster an inclusive community for students interested in biomedical engineering through mentorship, career building, project experience, and outreach events for professional development and education.



    Instagram: @bmes_uci

    Primary industry focus: Engineering, R&D, manufacturing, clinical research, pre-med

  • Chemistry Club Logo 1, UCI Division of Career PathwaysChemistry Club at UCI

    The Chemistry Club at UCI offers a variety of professional workshops, social events, outreach and volunteer opportunities, and other programs or events that support all undergraduate students interested in chemistry and enrich their educational experiences at UCI. Through these opportunities, students can learn about on- and off-campus resources available to them, seek advice and guidance from more experienced chemistry students, and explore broader applications of chemistry.



    Instagram: @chemclubuci

    Primary industry focus: Any and all institutions that work with chemistry, including but not limited to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, healthcare organizations, cosmetic companies, and environmental and safety agencies.

    Job roles of interest: R&D chemists and other industry scientists, pharmaceutical representatives, patent attorneys, and medical professionals who majored in chemistry or chemistry-adjacent fields.

  • CSA Logo, UCI Division of Career PathwaysCognitive Science Association (CSA)

    We are the Cognitive Science Association (CSA) and we are an academic club on campus. The club promotes increased professor and student relations, alumni-networking, class schedule readiness, and much more regarding academic advice. Not only are we about academic preparedness, we aim to invigorate the social life at UCI by holding special events with networking amongst peers, professors, alumni, and working-professionals. We want to provide research opportunities, professional development, and create an inclusive environment.


    Website: Visit us on social media

    Instagram: @csauci

    Primary industry focus: Technology, UI/UX, psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence.

    Job roles of interest: UI/UX, software engineer, software designer, data scientist, cognitive neuroscientist, data analytics, project management, etc.

  • UCIESW Logosq, UCI Division of Career PathwaysEngineers for a Sustainable World at UCI (ESW)

    Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is a non-profit organization that is committed to building a greener world and welcomes students of all majors (engineering and non engineering) that believe in need to improve our environment. ESW focuses on designing sustainable engineering projects, professional development and educating members on sustainability. Our events include alumni panels, networking opportunities, tours to facilities, and our projects range from building solar charging stations, cultivating algae for bio-fuel, to designing piezoelectric objects. This organization would be a great way to get more students involved with hands-on projects and spread awareness about sustainability.



    Instagram: @eswatuci

    Primary industry focus: Engineering, sustainable technology

  • FUSION, UCI Division of Career PathwaysFUSION (Filipinx Undergraduate Scientist-Engineers In an Organized Network)

    Established in Spring of 2001, FUSION (Filipinx Undergraduate Scientist-Engineers In an Organized Network) was designed to enhance and support the life of students in technical majors or with technical interests. Initially, FUSION was created in response to the lack of Filipinx representation in the technical world, but it has gone on to provide a strong network of support no matter the ethnicity. Today, FUSION provides several programs to help students grow academically, socially, and professionally. Along with that, FUSION also offers members opportunities to expand their engineering project experience and learn more about Filipinx culture.



    Instagram: @fusionatuci

    Primary industry focus: Tech, engineering, medical, manufacturing

  • Hack At Uci Logo Black Hack At UCI Team, UCI Division of Career PathwaysHack at UCI

    Hack at UCI is a club that promotes hacker culture by encouraging people to push boundaries, be creative, go against the grain, and be passionate about one's craft. While planning for workshops that promote this culture, we also plan an annual hackathon (a 36-hour overnight technical invention festival) that celebrates the spirit of innovation at UCI.



    Instagram: @hackatuci

    Primary industry focus: Tech

  • IEEE Logo, UCI Division of Career PathwaysIEEE@UCI (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

    IEEE@UCI is a non-profit student organization that strives to develop our student members' engineering skills through technical hands-on workshops, year-round technical programs that provide members with the opportunity to practice valuable skills and theories learned in the classroom, and an equipped lab space where students can work on homework and projects, and meet other engineering students. As an organization at a university with large engineering and computer science departments, we recognize the importance of equipping students with more than just academic knowledge.



    Instagram: @ieee_uci

    Primary industry focus: Tech, engineering, electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, biomedical, public, and private sectors

  • Latino Business Student Association logoLatino Business Student Association

    The Latino Business Student Association is a student run organization established in 2003. The purpose of LBSA is to assist its members, from various ethnic backgrounds & fields of studies at UCI, in the pursuit of professional skills & careers while raising awareness of the Latino culture. The organization accomplishes this by focusing on its three pillars, Professional Development, Social Interaction, and Community Service, with the foundation of Academic Achievement.



    Instagram: @lbsauci

    Primary industry focus: Management, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, real estate, accounting, HR, hospitality, sales, sustainability

  • Passlogo, UCI Division of Career PathwaysPilipinx-Americans in Social Studies (PASS)

    Pilipinx-Americans in Social Studies (PASS) is an organization that focuses on fields relating to business, law, humanities, social sciences, and social ecology. PASS is a “community within a community” striving to increase the representation of Pilipinxs and other minorities within professional industries while providing a social support network that promotes academic excellence, career development, community involvement, and leadership opportunities for students in the UCI (University of California, Irvine) and Pilipinx communities.


    Website: Visit us on social media

    Instagram: @passatuci

    Primary industry focus: social sciences, business, law, social ecology, arts, and humanities.

    Job roles of interest: Lawyer, paralegal, law assistant, forensic analyst, accountant, financial analyst, business management, real estate agent, property management, basic needs coordinator, child social worker, non-profit organization management, child psychologist, school psychologist, school counselor, higher education professor, community college professor, data scientist, data analyst, business intelligence analyst, film industry logistics, DEI entertainment coordinator, film production.

  • Pre-Law Society at UCIPre-Law Society at UCI

    The Pre-Law Society at UCI is dedicated to assisting UC Irvine undergraduates who are looking to pursue a career in law or legal studies. Our organization strives to provide UC Irvine undergraduates with tools needed to be successful in law school—such as opportunities to see lawyers on the job, create connections, develop leadership skills and more hands-on experiences in the field of law. Pre-Law Society hosts diverse programs (e.g., LSAT informational seminars, law school admissions panels, as well as speaker panels) to help UCI undergraduates reach an informed decision about their career.



    Instagram: @prelawsocietyuci

    Primary industry focus: Law

  • PPSA logoPublic Policy Student Association (PPSA)

    PPSA empowers Master of Public Policy students by fostering connections with professional development opportunities, facilitating alumni engagement, and addressing cohort needs. PPSA aims to equip future policy leaders with the skills and networks necessary for impactful public service and a thriving community of professionals.



    Instagram: @ppsa_uci

    Industry focus: Public policy that involves education, healthcare, environmental/sustainability, and inequity/social justice

    Job roles of interest: Policy aid/advisor for local government or for non-profit sectors.

  • Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor SocietyTau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society

    The Tau Beta Pi Honor Society is the oldest engineering honor society and the second oldest collegiate honor society in the United States. It honors engineering students who have shown a history of academic achievement as well as a commitment to personal and professional integrity. Our chapter, California Tau, focuses on developing well-rounded skills, preparing members for their careers, and giving back to the community. Our goal is to support our members in their continued pursuits of integrity and excellence.



    Instagram: @ucitbp

    Primary industry focus: Any field of engineering and tech

  • Women in Information & Computer Sciences logoWomen in Information & Computer Sciences (WICS)

    Women in Information & Computer Sciences (WICS) is a social and professional non-profit organization at UCI established to help and encourage women to pursue a college degree and a successful career in the computer science field. We provide support for one another and offer various activities such as professional workshops, technical workshops, mock technical interviews, company events, networking events and opportunities, community outreach programs, conference sponsorship, social gatherings, and mentorship.



    Instagram: @wicsuci

    Primary industry focus: Tech, computer science

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