UCI is partnering with Parker Dewey to offer students a new way to build valuable work experience

What is a "Micro-Internship"?

Micro-Internships are short-term, paid, project-based assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns. Participating in micro-internships helps you explore different career paths while building your portfolio, expanding your network, and developing your skills as you seek the right full-time role.

How does a Micro-Internship work?

Participating in a micro-internship is easy: Create a Parker Dewey account (less than 5 minutes!), browse the paid projects posted by a variety of companies, select a project and apply.

Benefits of Micro-Internships

There are many reasons to participate in a micro-internship:

  • Signing up is fast and free! Go to info.parkerdewey.com/uci to get started
  • Work on paid projects that only require a short time commitment (5 - 40 hours within a week to a month)
  • Explore different career paths and work on interesting assignments
  • Demonstrate your abilities to potential employers and apply what you're learning in the classroom
  • Build your professional portfolio and your network


  • International Students - Need to qualify and be approved for OPT (even for the short duration)
  • Undocumented Students - Must have DACA to participate.  Student who do not have DACA are encouraged to visit Career Pathways to learn about other opportunities.