Take Your Resume to the Next Level

Resume AI is a new tool from Big Interview that provides students with targeted resume feedback within minutes. This targeted review assesses the level their resume is currently in, suggests improvements, and provides targeted resources to take their resume to the next level. This service is free, virtual, and a private method for those who may not have the time or confidence for a formal resume review or are at the early stages of drafting their resume.

How To Use Resume AI

  1. Log In to Big Interview to access Resume AI
  2. Visit My Resumes > Private Resumes in the top navigation bar to use Resume AI.
  3. Input necessary info and upload your resume file. (Optional) Compare your resume to see how closely it aligns to a job description by uploading a job posting you want to apply for.
  4. Click on Scan Resume. Wait a few minutes for the AI system to scan your resume and generate feedback.
  5. View feedback by clicking on View. Then click on the categories to view suggested ways to improve your resume.

Need more detailed help? Check out the step-by-step guide or walkthrough video below.

Resume AI Guide (step-by-step)

Resume AI - Walkthrough Video

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