UC Employment Outcomes and Graduate Degree Attainment

What do UC and UCI graduates do after graduation? These reports and searchable dashboards let you see where a UCI education can take you and that all academic majors lead to a variety of career paths.

UCI Survey of Graduating Seniors

This provides information on graduating seniors’ outcomes (employment and the pursuit of advanced education), satisfaction with the educational experience, and education-related debt.


UCI students, faculty, and staff can immediately access UCI alumni data and rich employer insights to analyze a range of career paths based on job title, company, location, major, school, and more.

UC Alumni at Work

This provides employment outcomes by campus, major and discipline of UC undergraduate alumni at two, five, and ten years after graduation and now includes debt burden and differentiates earnings by terminal degree.

UC Alumni Graduate Degree Outcomes

This provides information by campus, discipline and student demographics on who attends graduate school and different post-UC earnings trajectories associated with the graduate degree completed.