Handshake is UC Irvine’s online job and internship career hub for our students. Employers can use Handshake to post jobs and internships, as well as register for recruiting events, and sign up for On-Campus Interviewing.

Frequently Asked Questions from Employers

Frequently Asked Questions About Handshake

  • How do I post a job/internship on Handshake?
    Please log-in or create a FREE account. Once you are logged in, click on the "Post a Job" button to complete the job form.
  • Why does it take a few hours/days for my posting to go up?
    When you submit your posting, it's added to a queue that includes all of the other pending positions awaiting approval from the Division of Career Pathways. Depending on the day and staff availability, our queue may contain a 100+ postings in it. And while we try to review them as quickly as possible (many are cleared within hours of posting), on occasion there is heavy traffic on Handshake, or other internal Division of Career Pathways demands (events, university holidays, etc.) that may contribute to a delay of a few business days. When this happens, we'll often pull additional in team members to help with approving jobs to ensure that your position is posted as quickly as possible.
  • Why do my job postings need to be approved?
    It's in our students' best interest for us to screen and verify employers and the opportunities they present. We do our best to ensure that each employer registration is legitimate, and that each posting meets our University criteria. By giving us the time to do that, we can trust that you are interested in making our mission to ensure that our students' needs are a priority.
  • Why aren’t more students applying to my posting?
    There are many possible reasons including:

    The time of year and academic quarter may present a challenge

    For example, there are times of the year when Handshake isn't used as often due midterms, finals, spring break, and summer session. All of these shifts in the calendar mean that students are either busy or away, and that they are only checking Handshake periodically. There are also instances when the recruitment season is in full swing and it's busier on Handshake, which may create more competition with your posting.

    How much (and what kind of) information is in the posting

    Our students are very savvy. Clear, concise, and error-free descriptions that demonstrate your company's needs are appreciated. Blank sections, vague information, or unclear messages will deter applicants.

    The pay of the position

    Compensation depends on a number of factors, including position type, responsibilities, industry, hours per week. We recommend that you benchmark your compensation against other similar types of opportunities. Also, if you are considering having an unpaid internship, please ensure that your positions are in full legal compliance.

  • If I tell you what I’m looking for, can you send over a student to work for me?
    Unfortunately, the size of our student body makes it difficult for us to understand all of the skills and qualifications of each student, and therefore, we are not able to recommend individuals. However, consistency pays off. Our Career Counselors recognize and are aware of the companies that routinely conduct recruiting at University events and take a more active role in our Career Services.
  • Will you refer me to a faculty member who can recommend their best and brightest?
    While the Division of Career Pathways has strong relationships with many campus partners, including Faculty, we are not able to refer you to individual faculty members. With that being said, there are organizations that build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with faculty members, for example, participation in a case study. This effort can certainly help your University recruiting efforts. If you wish to contact faculty members, please understand that you need to make direct contact.
  • I think I want an intern, what should I do?
    Internships can be a fabulous experience for both students and employers. There are a couple of steps necessary to go from point A ("I want an intern! I mean…Yes, I am ready to shape and mentor a young professional") to point B ("Here is your desk, respected and honored intern"). Don't hesitate to let us know if you would like more information about our students.

    Please review the Division of Career Pathways internship policies. We've included information about Department of Labor policies, points of contact on campus, and best practices. We offer a significant amount of information to document the requirements to help you get through the process quickly.

    Prepare. Please consider your goals for the position and what type of experience you will offer to the student. We recommend that you identify the supervising employee that will guide the student through their internship. Create both a clear job description that outlines the intern's duties and an internal plan for how you'll ensure that both intern and supervisor goals are met. Also, don't forget to plan to share opportunities for growth throughout his/her stay, and please evaluate them at the end of their internship.

    Once you are ready to post the opportunity, you can visit Handshake to share it with a wide audience of UCI students and alumni.

  • The internship opportunity I’m offering is unpaid, so that means you’re giving my intern credit, right?
    Students only receive credit for specific internships. This issuance of credit is granted through their academic department, as opposed to the Division of Career Pathways. Currently, the University of California does not have any centralized internship program upon which students receive units for internships. If you are interested in learning more about offering your internship for credit, please contact our Employer Relations team at uciemployers@uci.edu.
  • I am a local community member looking for a tutor, childcare, elder care, etc. Can I post on Handshake?
    If you are an individual looking to hire a student for caregiving, tutoring, domestic work, etc., it may be difficult for you to post your job on Handshake, as we require recruiters on Handshake to sign up with a business email and have a link to their organization’s website. If you are using a personal email address, we recommend reviewing Handshake's Guide to Registering for an Employer Account with a Generic Email Address.

    Read more about Handshake’s Guide to Posting Personal, Babysitter, Household, or Caretaker Jobs. If you are using a personal

    Instead, you can take advantage of these resources, which are not affiliated with UCI: