The Campus Advisory Committee consists of campus stakeholders, including faculty and staff from academic and Student Affairs units.

The charge to the Committee is:

  • To advise the Associate Vice Provost on the services and programs offered or intended to be offered by the UCI Division of Career Pathways.
  • To provide input on short- and long-term plans developed by DCP staff.
  • To offer insights and suggestions for new programs or services and to suggest priorities for the Division.
  • To advocate, when logical, for the enhancement and expansion of career services for students and alumni.
  • To aid in the Division's outreach to governments, businesses, and other organizations for opportunities for students and alumni.

UCI Division of Career Pathways Campus Advisory Committee Members

  • Mike Dennin, Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning Research Center; Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education
  • Suzanne Helbig, Associate Vice Provost, Division of Career Pathways
  • Leigh Poirier, Director for Strategic Services, Division of Career Pathways
  • Karol Johansen, Director for Career Education, Division of Career Pathways
  • Edgar Dormitorio, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Student Affairs
  • Cynthia Rude, Executive Director, Career Center, Paul Merage School of Business
  • Kayleigh Anderson Natale, Postdoctoral and Professional Development Manager, Graduate Division
  • Goran Matijasevic, Senior Assistant Vice Chancellor, Alumni and Constituent Relations; Executive Director, Chief Executive Roundtable
  • Jeff Minhas, Alumni Relations, University Advancement
  • Laura Mitchell, Professor, Department of History
  • Dmitry Tsukerman, Director of Field Study, Social Ecology Administration
  • Don Williams, Director, Physical Science Undergraduate Student Affairs
  • David Spight, Director, Undergraduate/Undeclared Advising, Division of Undergraduate Education
  • Heather Cartagena, Executive Director of Advising, Division of Undergraduate Education
  • SueJeanne Koh, Humanities Center and Graduate Futures Program Director
  • April Hul, Alumni Relations, University Advancement
  • Whitney Young, Director of Undergraduate Study, School of Humanities