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UCI School of Social Ecology

Advanced Field Study (AFS) Program (Socecol #195A, #195B, #195CW) 

Over 3 quarters students work together with a community, government, or business organization to prepare a professional research client report to enhance the organization’s operations or services.

Anteater Network 

Find an alumni mentor via the UCI Alumni Association’s online tool “The Anteater Network.”

Field Study Program (Socecol #195) 

Students examine social problems, evaluate the merit of ideas presented in the classroom, and conduct naturalistic observations and investigations. This is a required program for students in the School of Social Ecology.

Global Service Scholars Program 

This one-year program offers students a unique experience as they combine classroom work and a summer field study abroad tackle poverty issues and bring their ingenuity to those in need.

Peer Academic Advising (PAA) 

Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs) expand their knowledge of UCI’s academic programs and resources while developing public speaking and communication skills. Applications are due in January for the following academic year.

SAGE Scholars Program – Student Achievement Guided by Experience 

This program provides undergraduates who have significant financial need with the tools to invest in their future through leadership training, career and graduate school planning, and access to internship and scholarship opportunities.

Social Ecology Undergraduate Advising 

The Office of Undergraduate Advising in the School of Social Ecology is dedicated to helping undergraduate students achieve academic and personal success. We are student-centered, responsive to student needs, and solution-focused.


This program enables upper-division undergraduates to develop & deliver their own lower-division seminar classes. Under the DUE, this program  provides a unique opportunity to integrate research, teaching, & learning.


Learn what it’s really like to work within an industry, company, or profession. “Vault Guides” are free, downloadable ebooks that provide information about industry outlook, trends, advancement prospects, & skill requirements.