The UCI Division of Career Pathways’ Peer Program helps students gain professional skills while helping their peers!

Peer Program Overview

  • Great internship experience during the academic year
  • Advise students about career planning, resumes, job search, interviewing, and graduate school
  • Learn and develop skills in marketing, communication, and leadership
  • Internships can be used as Social Ecology Field Study during the Winter or Spring quarter

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Peer Program?

    • Academic year long internship program beginning in September and ending in June.
    • Peer Consultants receive extensive training in the fall quarter, and then implement what they learn in the winter and spring quarters.
    • Peer Consultants advise students about career planning, resumes, job search, interviewing, and graduate school.
    • Peer Consultants provide Division of Career Pathways orientations and workshops to campus clubs and housing units.
    • Peer Consultants promote and market Division of Career Pathways services through various career fairs and events, postering fliers, classroom announcements, outreach tables, etc.

  • Why do students want to be part of the Peer Program?

    • To help fellow students with their career, resume, interviewing, job search, academic major, and graduate school concerns through one-on-one drop-in advising.
    • To sharpen communication, presentation and leadership skills.
    • To be part of a professional and fun work environment.
    • To take full advantage of all Division of Career Pathways services.
    • To network with various employers.
    • To be in a position to help and give back.
    • To benefit from all that they learn and get exposed to.

  • How do you apply for the Peer Program?

    • Applications are available on Handshake in winter quarter and are due in March.
    • Group interviews take place in spring quarter.
    • A group of interns are carefully selected in spring quarter.
    • Orientation and training of new Peer Consultants begin in September.
    • Come to an information session held during winter quarter or contact Allison Keller at 949‑824‑6881 or for more information.