The mission of the UCI Division of Career Pathways is to educate and engage students and alumni to realize their career potential. We do this by providing tools and support to attain their career goals. We also coordinate with the campus community in the professional development of students. To assist in this effort, we offer a mini grant process that may provide up to $200 in funding for eligible organizations.


To be eligible for a mini grant, you must complete the following:

  • Must be a registered campus organization
  • One member of the board must attend Career Conversations Training for student leaders
  • Only one mini-grant will be funded per organization per academic year
  • Your program must have a demonstrated relationship to Career Pathways’ mission and be open to all students regardless of membership
    • Note: Funds cannot be used for alcoholic beverages, awards/trophies, conference fees, fundraisers, off-campus events, retreats, reunion events, security, summer events or programs, travel, or career fairs

Sample Projects

  • Host an employer guest speaker on campus and provide parking to the employer/guest speaker and food to all attendees
  • Invite employer representatives to review group projects and judge a competition (Funds can cover parking costs)

Mini Grant Application Form

    • 1) Contact Information
    • 2) Program Details

    • 3) Budget

    • 4) Post Event & Submit
      In completing this form, I understand that:

      • It is my responsibility to include a DCP logo or acknowledge DCP in the program collateral and to provide a copy to DCP in order to be eligible for reimbursement.
      • It is my responsibility to include a participant evaluation of the program and provide a summary of feedback within 2 weeks of the event in order to be eligible for reimbursement.
      • It is my responsibility to provide all purchasing documents, invoices, and receipts as well as an attendance list within 2 weeks of the event.