Need experience? Learn how to find the internship that best suits your needs.

  • Research your career interests. Narrow your career interests before you begin your internship search in order to target internships based on your major or career goals. There are a multitude of internships and they vary greatly for every career field.
  • Seek internship advice. Connect with our team to discuss your personal career goals, ask specific
    internship questions, and develop an action plan to start your internship search.
  • Begin the internship search. Utilize a variety of methods and resources to help you with your internship search.
  • Prepare to apply. Research the requirements and the application process for every internship you want to apply for because these may vary. You will most likely need to create a tailored resume and cover letter.
  • Practice your interviewing skills. Check out Big Interview to explore common interview questions and engage in a mock interview to help you improve your chances of landing the internship.

Resources for finding internships:

Campus Interview Program

The On-Campus Interview Program is now the Campus Interview Program. Just as before, this program pr...

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