Eligibility Policy

The UCI Division of Career Pathways is funded by student services fees, therefore; currently registered admitted students are eligible for services at the UCI Division of Career Pathways.


  • New Admit or Re-Admit
    Students who are new admits or re-admitted to the University may begin using Division of Career Pathways services at the beginning of their first quarter.
  • Continuing Students (Not Registered for Summer Session includes Ph.D. and Master’s)
    Students registered for spring quarter and enrolled or registered for the up-coming fall quarter have access to all services at the Division of Career Pathways.
  • Summer Session (Includes Ph.D. and Master’s)
    During the summer, students registered for Summer Session at UCI have access to all Division of Career Pathways services as long as they are continuing from spring to fall quarter. Students participating in the Summer Bridge Program and Anteater Leadership Academy may access Division of Career Pathways services.
  • Filing Fee
    Students on filing fee are eligible for all Division of Career Pathways services. To activate your services as a filing fee student, please email career@uci.edu stating that you’re on an approved filing fee quarter and include your student information (e.g. UCINet ID or student ID number).


  • Recent UCI Graduates and UCI Alumni
    Recent UCI graduates (bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees)* who sign up for Division of Career Pathways Alumni Services have access to most of the DCP services and resources they enjoyed as a UCI student. *Note: These services are most beneficial to graduates no more than three years out.
  • Alumni from Other UC Campuses
    Alumni from other UC campuses may register for Division of Career Pathways Alumni Services. This is separate from any fee they may have paid to the “home” institution.

Not Eligible for Services