What is a "Micro-Internship"?

A micro-internship is a short-term project that is easy to explain and requires no on-boarding, and can be executed by college students or recent grads. These projects are typically low-risk, but important tasks that are due within a week to a month with fixed prices set by you (most projects are $200 - $600).

How does a Micro-Internship work?

Micro-internships follow a simple process: Post your project to the UCI Parker Dewey website, select the applicants you want, and Parker Dewey will handle the rest. There's no cost to hire!

Benefits of Micro-Internships

There are many reasons to post your projects:

  • No limitations on project scope, price or timing - you define your needs and there's no commitment to launch
  • No permission, approval, or budget is necessary - low cost projects, with no HR or legal burdens
  • No obligation to use a particular candidate - you decide who is the right fit
  • No cost until the project is complete and you're happy - career launchers are highly motivated and exceed expectations
  • No fees if you want to hire someone directly
  • Get immediate support from highly-motivated students
  • Develop talent pipeline, improve diversity and inclusion, and enhance hiring outcomes
  • Evaluate skills and fit through a "test drive"
  • And allow candidates to learn about your company