Welcome to the UCI Division of Career Pathways’ staff resources page. Explore the content below to find answers to common questions. If your question is not answered below, check with your direct supervisor.

General Office and Safety

  • How do I let the office know I am sick and not able to come in or that I will be late?

    • Email dcp-today@uci.edu and include any items that will need to be covered in your absence (Drop In Advising, presentations, etc.). Only the DCP management team will see your message.
    • A member of the DCP management team will email the entire office with a notification of your absence for the day (no details will be shared).

  • How do I request time off (vacation/planned sick time)?

    • Speak with your direct supervisor regarding the process for requesting time off.
    • Your direct supervisor will facilitate ensuring approved time off requests are added to the DCP Vacation calendar on Outlook.

  • What do I do in the event of an emergency?

    • Dialing 911 from your desk phone will connect you to UCI Campus Police.
    • Know the DCP “safety phrase” to be used only in the event of an emergency.
    • Marydale is our Zone Crew Floor Warden.
    • The DCP is part of Zone 1. Our evacuation assembly area is: inner ring to Aldrich Park, adjacent to Langson Library.
    • 24 Hour Non-Emergency Line is (949) 824-5223.


  • How do I report a facilities/safety concern?

    • For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.
    • You may report a facilities problem or concern by contacting Marydale. She will contact Drew Chesen at DCE for assistance.
    • If someone from DCE is not available, you can also contact the Facilities Service Desk at (949) 824-5444 between the hours of 7 am and 4:30 pm. After hours, call Central Plant directly at (949) 824-5520.

  • How do I report a concern related to the golf cart?

    • Let Marydale know and she will get in contact with Alfonso Condey at DCE as needed.

  • How do I close and secure the DCP building if I am the last person to leave?

    If you’re the last person to leave, please lock up by completing the following:

    • Front Door: Lock push door handles with “L” shaped key (ask to see at front desk). The handles will pop out. Latch above front door must be in the middle position.
    • Side Door (to SSII): Push lock “up” on door plate.
    • Training Room Door: Pull door towards you to make sure door is locked.
    • Back Door (in Student Hub area): Pull door towards you to make sure door is locked.
    • Lights: Turn off all lights (flip switches “down”). Light switches are located near the restrooms, on the wall above the water cooler.
    • Air Filters: Turn off air filters in public spaces.
    • Ensure the front door closely completely behind you – It can often become stuck.

  • What do I need to do to open the DCP building?

    Typically, a CSA or Marydale will open the building. If they are unavailable to open the building by 9am, here are steps you can take:

    • Opening Times: Do NOT unlock the front door for entry by guests until 9am, unless OCI is taking place and starts earlier than 9am.
    • Front Door: Unlock push door handles with “L” shaped key (ask to see at front desk). Latch above front door must not be be in the middle position. Test the automatic door opening mechanism. It should work. If not, move the latch above the front door to a different position and try again.
    • Side Door (to SSII): Push lock “down” on door plate.
    • Signage: Put our signage depending on the day’s programs and activities.
    • Air Filters: Turn on air filters in public spaces.
    • Lights: Turn on all lights (flip switches “up”). Light switches are located near the restrooms, on the wall above the water cooler.
    • Mask supply at front desk:  Make sure masks are available at front desk. If supplies are low, let Marydale know.

  • How do I obtain office supplies?

    • Email Marydale with a link to the item from the Office Depot / Office Max or Amazon website. If possible, please submit your request 2 weeks prior to when you need the item.
    • Depending on the vendor, arrival of items can vary from a few days to a couple of weeks. Please check with Marydale on the status of your order.
    • Please note that the exact same item may not be available through our approved vendors. Indicate in your message to Marydale if a similar brand/item is acceptable. 

  • What do I do if I am contacted by a vendor?

    • Reply to their email with the following:

    Thank you for contacting the UCI Division of Career Pathways.

    To have your resource considered, please use our submission form, located at http://www.career.uci.edu/about/inquiries-additions.html. Our team will be reviewing submissions in December.

    • Marketing Vendors: Please do not give Jennifer’s contact information out to potential marketing vendors. Feel free to forward the company’s name or the contact’s information. Note: DCE Marketing already has a list of marketing vendors they have developed relationships with.

  • When may I wear jeans?

    • During the academic year, you can wear jeans with a DCP shirt (t-shirt or polo) on most Fridays.
    • During the summer attire is more flexible.


  • How do I contact someone for IT help?

    Ticket Submissions (2 Options)

    1. Send an email to uci@service-now.com and state your problem in the subject line, with any pertinent details in the message body.
      • Service-Now will automatically generate a ticket for you, and automatically assign the ticket to Service-Now Desktop Support. On average, the system notifies our IT team within 2-3 minutes of your e-mail being sent out. If you manually create a ticket in Service-Now via the OIT website or by other means other than these two options, the ticket may take some time to get re-routed back to our IT team.
    2. Submit an Incident Request via the Service-Now webpage.
      • This link will directly submit your ticket to Service-Now, ensuring your ticket does not get misrouted to OIT’s main help desk (which may take some time to find its way back to our IT team).
      • This form allows you to specify the degree of urgency (1 being HIGHEST, 4 being LOWEST), along with a small text box to describe your problem.

    Direct Contact

    If a situation arises where you are not able to use your UCI e-mail account to submit a ticket (such as a password reset/lockout or computer failure), or in case of an IT emergency, feel free to call our IT team at (949) 824-3100. This number is will ring the desks of all 4 Desktop Support Staff. They are generally available between the hours of 7:30AM – 5PM.

  • How do I make a phone call?

  • How do I use the fax machine or scan something in?

    • To send a fax…
      • Select Fax from the printer home screen and place materials on glass or in document tray.
      • Press Specify destination(s), then Enter No. Manually. Dial (to dial out), 1(if needed), and your destination’s fax number. Then select Finished.
      • Check the Memory Transmission section. Select Settings if any changes are needed.
      • Press Start. A copy of the sent fax should print out as your receipt.
    • To scan…
      • Select Scanner from the printer home screen and place materials on glass or in document tray.
      • Press the Folder tab, check Scan Settings, then press Start. Documents will appear in Scanned Documents (S:).
      • Save scanned documents to your local computer, then delete from S: drive as soon as possible. All documents that remain on the S: drive will be deleted automatically after 30 days.
      • For step-by-step instructions, see this video tutorial (link opens in new window)

  • How do I use the printer? How do I replace the paper or toner?

    • If your computer is not connected to a printer, please contact OIT (see “How do I contact someone for IT help?” above).
      • Select RICOH PCL6 UniversalDriver V4.16 to print on the large printer.
      • Select Career Education Printer for the printer near the counselors.
      • Select HP Lazer Jet M402DN for the printer near ERT.
    • To change the toner on the large RICOH printer, see this video guide (opens in new window)
      • NOTE: Be sure toner is FULLY out before changing. Printer warns that toner level is low well in advance of actually running out. When toner fully runs out, printer will display a message that covers entire screen.
      • If you take the last toner cartridge of a color, please let Marydale know so she can order more.
    • To replace the paper for the large RICOH printer…
      • Take a ream of letter size paper from the tall cabinet in the hallway, just outside of the kitchenette area. If you need special paper sizes, look across the room from the printer (lower right section)
      • Pull open the tray that needs to be refilled – tray 1 for 8.5″ x 11″ color paper, tray 2 for 11″ x 17″ plain paper, or tray 3 for 8.5″ x 11″ plain paper.
        • When refilling tray 3, close RIGHT tray section, place stack of paper in the LEFT tray, then push drawer closed. The printer will automatically straighten and set the paper in the right (feed) side of the tray.

  • How do I access my email outside of the office?

  • How do I access my voicemail outside of the office?

    • Call (949) 824-8989 and listen to the instructions.
    • You will need to know your extension and voicemail password.


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