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UCI School of Social Sciences

Anteater Network 

Find an alumni mentor via the UCI Alumni Association’s online tool “The Anteater Network.”

Attorney Alumni Mentorship Program 

This program connects exceptional undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in law with practicing attorney mentors.

Course Readers/Assistants 

Course Readers are students employed as a course assistant whose typical duties include grading student papers and exams. The time commitment and duties associated with a Reader vary upon the needs of the course assigned, enrollment numbers, and vari …

Dean’s Ambassador Council 

Representing the UCI School of Social Sciences, council members promote meaningful interactions between students and faculty while building a progressive environment. The council works with schools administrators and faculty to implement events and p …

First Generation First Quarter Leader 

Through the First Generation First Quarter Challenge (FGFQ) Program, student leaders provide mentorship and support for incoming Social Sciences incoming students in order to facilitate their successful transition to the university. FGFQ leaders rece …

International Studies Internship (Course #197) 

Students can fulfill the international experience requirement by completing a 100 hour internship (over 1 or 2 quarters) with local approved programs.

Peer Academic Advising (PAA) 

Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs) expand their knowledge of UCI’s academic programs and resources while developing public speaking and communication skills. Applications are due in January for the following academic year.

SAGE Scholars Program – Student Achievement Guided by Experience 

This program provides undergraduates who have significant financial need with the tools to invest in their future through leadership training, career and graduate school planning, and access to internship and scholarship opportunities.

Social Science Professional Internship (Course #197) 

Through this online Pass/NoPass course, students receive academic credit for internship experiences. Internship courses are offered every quarter, including Summer Session I & II on a first-come, first-served basis.

Social Science Public Service Internship (Course #194A) 

This course and internship introduces the role of etiquette and leadership in the professional environment. Students intern at a nonprofit agency and explore their roles as community leaders while improving their professional skills.

SSARC Internships (Social Sciences Academic Resource Center) 

In this year-long position, interns gain practical experience within areas including: Campus Involvement, Research, Graduate School, Professional Development, or Marketing. They present skill-based workshops and information sessions as well as assist …

Summer Academic Enrichment Program (SAEP) 

In this five-week on-campus residential summer program, first-generation university students receive 8 units of academic credit as they strengthen analytical and research skills. All costs are covered by financial aid and program funding.

Summer Internships at the UCI Ethics Center 

Each summer the UCI Ethics Center selects promising undergraduate students to work closely in a mentorship program with faculty member or graduate student. Each participant selects a topic that will increase student sensitivity to ethical issues in o …


This program enables upper-division undergraduates to develop & deliver their own lower-division seminar classes. Under the DUE, this program  provides a unique opportunity to integrate research, teaching, & learning.


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