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UCI School of Humanities

Anteater Network 

Find an alumni mentor via the UCI Alumni Association’s online tool “The Anteater Network.”

Department of Art History Internships 

This program offers paid internships on campus with faculty and staff,  grants for students who have successfully completed unpaid internships, awards for travel /research, and paid internships with world-renowned museums. 

English – Writing Internship (Course #197) 

Fine-tune writing skills and develop professional experience through this hands-on internship.

Film and Media Studies – Professional Internship (Course #197) 

Internships are a great way to gain experience and skills, develop self-confidence, and make career connections. 

German Internship (Course #197) 

Internships are a great way to gain experience and skills, develop self-confidence, and make career connections

History Internships 

During fall, students earn 4 units while learning to “do history” working with public historians in public settings and public audiences.  Students develop research skills and effectively communicate them in oral, visual, and written forms.

Humanities Out There (H.O.T.) 

This program cultivates relationships with local arts & cultural institutions while also fostering the intellectual, professional, & civic growth of its undergraduate and graduate student participants.

Humanities Out There Public Fellows Program 

This program provides Humanities PhD students with the opportunity to contribute to program development, research, and communications at local arts and cultural institutions while exploring new career pathways outside of academia.

Humanities Peer Mentor Program 

This program helps new Humanities students navigate the myriad of opportunities UCI offers. Small mentor groups (4-7 students) meet weekly for an hour in Fall and Winter quarters to explore the campus and the School of Humanities.

Humanities Research Associates Program (HRAP) 

During this one year appointment, recent Ph.D. graduates can become a Research Associate WOS (without salary) position. These alumni maintain their affiliation with the university in order to continue their research and other related projects.

Literary Journalism Program Internships 

This program offers the opportunity to propose independent study projects, for course credit, that involve working as unpaid interns at local publications. The internships are for one quarter with students working 10 hours a week.

Peer Academic Advising (PAA) 

Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs) expand their knowledge of UCI’s academic programs and resources while developing public speaking and communication skills. Applications are due in January for the following academic year.

SAGE Scholars Program – Student Achievement Guided by Experience 

This program provides undergraduates who have significant financial need with the tools to invest in their future through leadership training, career and graduate school planning, and access to internship and scholarship opportunities.

UC Veterans Summer Writing Workshop 

Student veterans from all UC campuses gather for 5 days to practice the art of storytelling. Participants will learn how to compose personal narratives about their military experiences. All expenses paid with some limitations.


This program enables upper-division undergraduates to develop & deliver their own lower-division seminar classes. Under the DUE, this program  provides a unique opportunity to integrate research, teaching, & learning.


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