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UCI School of Education

Anteater Network 

Find an alumni mentor via the UCI Alumni Association’s online tool “The Anteater Network.”

CalTeach – Math & Science Program 

This is a unique academic program that recruits talented undergraduate math & science majors to prepare for a teaching career. It is jointly sponsored by the School of Biological Sciences, School of Physical Sciences, and School of Education.

Certificate in Afterschool and Summer Education (CASE) 

Join the over 100 undergraduates who have completed coursework and made a difference completing over 70 hours of fieldwork in after-school and summer education programs

Clear Administrative Services Credential (for K-12 educators) 

This is designed for full-time school administrators who hold the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and is an individualized, job-embedded two-year coaching-based program with professional learning opportunities and ongoing assessment.

Field Experience 

Both the Major in Education Sciences and Minor in Education require 40 hours of practicum that may be satisfied through a research experience in a faculty member’s lab or field experience in an educational setting.

Peer Academic Advising (PAA) 

Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs) expand their knowledge of UCI’s academic programs and resources while developing public speaking and communication skills. Applications are due in January for the following academic year.

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (for K-12 educators) 

This credential focuses on administrative services for grades K-12 including the development and assessment of instruction programs, development of student services, management of school site, district, or county fiscal services, and more.

SAGE Scholars Program – Student Achievement Guided by Experience 

This program provides undergraduates who have significant financial need with the tools to invest in their future through leadership training, career and graduate school planning, and access to internship and scholarship opportunities.

Student-Run Clubs and Honor Society 

Student clubs like Teachers of Tomorrow and Honor Society connect students with the opportunity to get involved in research or community outreach.

Summer Institute on the Teaching of Composition and Literature (EDUC X332.7) 

During this four-week seminar, veteran teachers (elementary – university) develop techniques for teaching listening, speaking, reading, writing, & critical thinking, enhance their abilities as writers, and develop effective in-service workshops. 


This program enables upper-division undergraduates to develop & deliver their own lower-division seminar classes. Under the DUE, this program  provides a unique opportunity to integrate research, teaching, & learning.


Learn what it’s really like to work within an industry, company, or profession. “Vault Guides” are free, downloadable ebooks that provide information about industry outlook, trends, advancement prospects, & skill requirements.