The Division of Career Pathways has a variety of workshops to assist undergraduate and graduate students with their career development. To register for a workshop, simply log onto Handshake and click on Search Events (in the menu on the left-hand side of your homepage) and then select Workshop (as the type). Most workshops are located in the Career Pathways Training Room and are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.

Workshop Descriptions

  • Resume Basics

    Employers can identify great resumes from poor ones in 15 seconds or less! Learn the “secrets” of writing a first-rate resume that will ensure you get that interview

  • Advanced Resume Writing

    Take your resume to the next level. Learn how to tailor your content to the job description so employers see how your background suits their needs.

  • Tech Resume Writing

    You have less than a minute to impress recruiters with your resume. Learn how to highlight your experiences, technical and extra-curricular, and make an impactful first impression.

  • Identifying Your Professional Skills

    Learn how you can translate your experiences (academic, extracurricular, volunteer, internships, part-time job, etc.) into specific skills sought by employers! A variety of activities we engage in on a regular basis help develop skills all types of employers are seeking. Oftentimes students overlook these activities when writing a resume or talking about their experience. In this workshop you will learn how to evaluate your past activities to identify and highlight sought-after skills and format statements for your resume.

  • Interview Techniques

    Nervous about an upcoming interview? Eliminate that interview anxiety through this prep session. Discover the techniques and tips to out shine the competition.

  • Interview Practice

    The key to interview success is preparation and practice. Experience what it is really like to be interviewed. Practice answering typical interview questions with your peers and get feedback on your responses as well as tips on how to have a successful interview.

  • Tech Interviewing Techniques

    Interviews allow you to show that you’ve got the skills and the personality for that tech job. Come by to learn about strategies and tools to help you ace that interview.

  • How to Get an Internship

    Looking to obtain “real world” experience? Get an overview of general internship resources to assist you in the process both on the UCI campus and off campus. Learn how to get the most out of your internship once you start.

  • Internship 101

    Everyone is talking about how important internships are and encouraging college students to have more than one before they graduate, but that is where the conversation seems to end. What makes a good internship? How can you ensure the experience you have will benefit your future? Should all internships be paid? There are so many questions surrounding this topic. In this workshop, we will cover internship “rules,” how to structure your internship experience, and what you can do to make the most of your internship.

  • How to Find a Work Study or Part-Time Job

    Come learn effective ways to search for a part time job!

  • Job Search Strategies

    Whether you are a first-year student or a senior or are looking for an internship, part-time job, or full time job, come learn effective ways to search for a job or internship. Learn the techniques that will help you find the internship or job that is right for you!

  • Your 1-Minute Elevator Pitch

    Learn how to craft your 1-minute introduction to use at career fairs and any professional event. Leave an impression with others by effectively introducing yourself.

  • Building Your Network

    Learn successful strategies for making connections and improving your networking skills to assist you in your job search.

  • Applying to Graduate School

    Applying to graduate school? Which programs and universities are right for you? Discover resources to help you identify and choose potential graduate and professional school programs. Suggestions for evaluating programs will be provided. Details of the application process will be discussed.

  • Applying to Law School

    Want to learn more about the law school selection & application process, but don’t know where to start? Come learn about what it takes to be a viable candidate.

  • Prepare for the Fair

    You’ve got your resume and want to go to the career fair, now what? What do you do when you give your resume to an employer? Get great tips on how to make a good impression at the career fair.

  • Negotiating the Job Offer

    Congratulations! You got the job, now what? Do you take what they offer? Ask for more? What can you ask for? Come learn how to get the best offer for you.

  • Are You LinkedIn?

    Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn in your job search. Part of the challenge of any job search is finding employers and making connections with people in your target industry. LinkedIn is a valuable resource you can use to research industries, meet recruiters and get connected.