Job Classification & Hours

Students are hired under the Student Assistant series. If this is the first time you are hiring student workers or you are creating a new student worker role in your department use the Student Assistant Job Evaluation Matrix to assign the job to the appropriate classification.

UCI students hired in the class of Assistant I, II, III, IV are casual employees expected to work no more than 50% time on a week by week basis. If a student works more than 50% for two consecutive weeks he/she will be required to contribute to DCP, will have Medicare taxes deducted, and accrue sick time. If the time worked is during summer there is no academic impact. If the time worked is during the academic year, the student may undergo a work/class load review by the DOS and Academic Personnel to determine if adjustments are necessary.


Question: A student is employed by two different departments on campus. Who is responsible for managing the total number of hours worked?

Answer: The student and payroll managers at both departments.

Question: A student who is working more than 50% time calls in sick. Is the department required to pay them for the time off?

Answer: YES, up to the total number of sick hours accumulated in accordance to UC sick leave policies.