Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why should I apply to the Sacramento Internship Program this summer versus the other internship programs available?

    The Sacramento Internship Program allows you to experience and explore a wide variety of career opportunities available to you with the convenience of staying close to home (or without traveling out of state) this summer. It is an especially great program for those who are interested in public policy at the state level and want to be exposed to California laws and decisions up close. However, the internship opportunities are not limited to strictly political experiences. This Program is best for students who are looking for an internship during the summer if they do not want to miss an academic quarter. It is also not an academic program so there will be no coursework involved, however you may be able to receive units for your academic school.

    In addition , this program is a great stepping-stone if you plan on applying for future internship programs by giving you the experience you need to stand out among the other applicants. As part of the program, you will learn how to tailor your resume and cover letter, interview effectively, and put together an internship search strategy that will help you when you look for other internship or job opportunities down the road.

  • 2. Does financial aid cover the Sacramento Internship Program?

    Financial aid does not cover the Sacramento Program because it takes place in the summer, unless you enroll in courses and apply for financial aid. However, our goal this year is to provide many opportunities for the interns to fundraise money that will go toward their Sacramento funds.

  • 3. Are there opportunities available in Sacramento other than legislative and politics-related?

    Yes! There are many opportunities available in Sacramento. There are internships available in a wide variety of fields and industries, including various local and state government departments, non-profit organizations, and for-profit corporations. Interns are encouraged to conduct their own independent research to find an internship suited for them. Check out where our past SIP alumni have interned!

  • 4. How long is the Sacramento Internship Program?

    The internship program lasts 10 weeks. This includes the day you move in to the day you move out of the Sacramento area apartments.

  • 5. Where do students live when they are in Sacramento?

    In the recent past, students have lived in the furnished apartment complex Upper Eastside Lofts, which is affiliated with Sacramento State. Interns have reported having easy access to restaurants, shopping, and public transportation from this apartment complex. Other interns elect to stay with family in the area and some have even stayed with other UC students.

  • 6. What is there to do in Sacramento?

    The city of Sacramento is full of culture, history, and fantastic experiences which provide an array of diverse opportunities. Whether you are looking for a great night life or to satisfy a more adventurous side, Sacramento has many award-winning restaurants of all cuisines, great shopping and museums, as well as rafting down the American River, hiking, and River Cats baseball games. Sacramento is an essential icon in California’s history and offers many opportunities to explore its fascinating past, such as the train museum and Sutter’s Fort.

    Along with the exciting experiences you will enjoy while living and working in Sacramento, you will also have the benefit of being close to many other amazing opportunities just outside of Sacramento. In the past, students have traveled to places like Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, theme parks, Jelly Belly Factory, and San Francisco. With so many amazing things to do within Sacramento and its surrounding area, you and your apartment mates will have plenty of wonderful stories to tell when the summer is done.

  • 7. Do students intern part-time or full-time?

    Most students intern full-time but it is up to the intern and their specific internship site requirements. Most internship locations have required at least 15-20 hours a week, but again this will vary from site to site.

  • 8. Can I have more than one internship?

    We have had students intern at two locations in the past, which provides the added benefit of getting multiple experiences in one summer. Some students have interned in the Capitol part-time and then spent the other half at a non-profit organization. This option is very possible and open to those interested.

  • 9. How will I get around Sacramento if I do not have a car?

    The Upper Eastside Lofts are very close to bus stops and a Light Rail station. Many students have recommended taking public transportation rather than driving into Downtown Sacramento due to the morning and afternoon traffic. The Light Rail system is similar to the Bart system in San Francisco and is just as easy to use. Most internship locations can provide a written letter so that you can get your monthly passes to both public transportations reduced by more than half its original price.

  • 10. How do I find an internship in Sacramento?

    The amazing SIP coordinator will help you find an internship in Sacramento. Once you have been accepted to the program, you will be added to an exclusive SIP email list and sent regular email updates on internship opportunities. These will include all internships that the program coordinator has discovered and are available for the interns to apply to. However, do not limit yourself to the leads on the email list. If you do not see any internships that suit your interests, you can ask the coordinator for help in locating one that would suit you better. There are also numerous websites as well as directories for your reference. The coordinator is your biggest resource, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  • 11. Can I earn units for my internship?

    Your major and academic department may allow you to earn units for your internship. Please contact your counselor for further information on this credit availability. If you are affiliated with the school of Social Ecology or the Programs in Public Health, you may be able to use your internship to fulfill your field study or practicum requirement. Please speak to your coordinator before spring quarter to get approval. Secondly, individuals can approach a faculty member for a 199 Independent Study for the summer.

  • 12. Will I get help on my resume and interviewing skills?

    Once you have been accepted into the SIP program there will be several meetings held during winter and spring quarters to help prepare you for your internship search. We will be critiquing your resumes and cover letters as well as preparing you for in person and telephone interviews. We are here to help you as much as possible for your summer internship.

  • 13. What are some things I will do as an Intern?

    Your duties will depend on your specific internship location. Your supervisor at the internship sites assigns all tasks, but many students have had very interesting and educational responsibilities allocated to them. Usually, interns are expected to complete some basic clerical duties but you should also expect more substantive duties throughout your internship. Some of the tasks you may expect include answering phones, responding to constituent mail, attending hearings and conducting research. You will learn that what you put into your internship is what you will get out of it. Therefore, we strongly encourage students to approach their supervisors for additional assignments and projects.

  • 14. If I am studying abroad during fall, winter, and/or spring quarter, can I still apply to the Summer Program?

    We encourage students studying abroad in the fall quarter to apply but we require students to be on campus during the winter and spring quarters. If you are accepted into the Sacramento Internship Program, we meet regularly throughout winter and spring quarters in an effort to help all interns prepare for their experience in Sacramento. This is also an opportunity for students to get to know their peers with whom they will be traveling to Sacramento. 

  • 15. What if I am a first-year student and I do not have a transcript yet?

    In this situation, you may instead submit your high school transcripts. This is a way for us to gauge how well you did in school while still involved with other activities.