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UCI Division of Continuing Education

Big Interview 

Practice answering general and industry-specific questions together with insider insights into building a well-crafted response. Plus you can perfect your delivery with the interactive mock interview tool which allows you to record (& share) your …

Career & Internship Advice Videos (CareerSpots) 

Access 90+ quick, informative videos to prepare you for nearly every aspect of career planning including starting your job search, resumes & cover letters, networking, interview preparation, maximizing internship opportunities, and more.

Career Launch with UCI Continuing Education 

UCI undergraduate and graduate courses may qualify for transfer credit toward some high-demand certificate programs such as Project Management, Digital Marketing, Human Resources, and more. UCI Alumni Association members also receive a 10% discount.

Career Planning Modules 

These three, free online modules take you from starting the job search to how to communicate your value and network. Each module is self-paced and includes interactive resources.

Career Success Specialization with Coursera 

Through a partnership with Coursera, the Career Success Specialization is a series of open, online courses specifically designed to sharpen skills needed to improve and get ahead in many fields.

Clear Administrative Services Credential (for K-12 educators) 

This is designed for full-time school administrators who hold the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and is an individualized, job-embedded two-year coaching-based program with professional learning opportunities and ongoing assessment.

Free Webinars, Workshops & Events 

Experts in a range of industries share the latest trends and best practices through webinars, workshops and other free events. Whether you want to sharpen your skills or explore a career change, our free events cover the career landscape.

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) specialized studies program 

This online program will present the issues of this diverse group of students for experienced and novice teachers seeking the latest strategies for curricular differentiation as well as individuals exploring entry or careers into GATE instruction.

On-Demand Webinars 

Whether you want to upgrade your skills, explore a new career, or learn about the latest trends and best practices – the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) offers a wide variety of on-demand webinars.

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (for K-12 educators) 

This credential focuses on administrative services for grades K-12 including the development and assessment of instruction programs, development of student services, management of school site, district, or county fiscal services, and more.

Reading Certificate Program (for K-12 and community college educators) 

This program is designed to help credentialed teachers meet local, state, and federal requirements that ensure that all pupils have fair access to high-quality education with a foundation in reading.

Roadtrip Nation 

What interests you most? What drives you? Can you turn that passion into a career? Powered by Roadtrip Nation, UCI has created an experience for you to explore the answers to these questions – and to help define your own road in life.